Document Management System
EDMS Document Management solutions have arisen as a way to address the challenges of organizing the work and eliminating the chaos that many workers experience when sifting through thousands of files for the right information.

Quick Information Retrieval. Since disk costs are so low, your organization probably has many storage devices filled with files. Each user also has his, or her, own rules and naming conventions for saving information in folders and sub-folders. Regardless of your company’s size, this results in a vast amount of files, often with several duplicates, which is impossible to control. Introducing an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is the best way to organize your documents and immediately find the data you need. Now you can file and index ALL your records in one consistent electronic filing structure – including scanned-in paperwork, MS Office documents, CAD Drawings and JPEG images. The advantages in efficiency will repay the investment in months rather than years.

Some benefits of EDM include:


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